• PAACE is the oldest Independent Union in the FAA


  • PAACE represents all Bargaining Unit Employees in the FAA Academy and most employees in AJI-2 OKC in the negotiation of personnel policies, practices, and conditions of employment


  • PAACE has the least-expensive union membership in the FAA 


  • We return a significant portion of the dues to our members (e.g., Thanksgiving, Christmas, Annual Meeting and Banquet, New Member bonus, recruiting bonus)


  • We provide “Life Insurance” by paying Mutual Aid Pledge System (MAPS) dues for all of our members that are also members of MAPS (approximate $8,000-$10,000 benefit to each member)


  • We present an opportunity to apply for up to $3500 per semester in scholarship awards for our members and their immediate family  



What Does The PAACE Union Do For You?


  • Negotiates all personnel policies, practices and conditions of employment necessary to ensure fairness and equity, and to prevent arbitrary and capricious actions by management.  For example:


Alternate Work Schedules (AWS)

Compensatory Time For Non-Duty Travel

True Time And A Half for overtime

AMA Currency Of Academy Instructional Staff

AMA Employee Development Guide


FAA/PAACE Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Training For Instructor Certification, Improvement, And Cross Utilization



  • Processes all Grievances related to the compliance of personnel policies, practices, and conditions of employment, as well as alleged violations of the CBA. The union will assist in filing, tracking and supporting a grievance. Can provide support through arbitration.


  • Represents Bargaining Unit Employees in adverse actions by management, e.g., letters of reprimand, suspensions, and terminations. 


Would you like to join the Professional Association of Aeronautical Center Employees? That's great!


PAACE Dues Information

FG Step Pay Band PAACE Dues
1-4 C $4.50
5, 6 D $5.50
7, 8 E $6.50
9 F $8.00
10, 11 G $9.50
12 H $11.50
13 I $14.00
14 J $16.00
15 K $20.00


Click here to download the enrollment form if you are in AMA.


Click here to download the enrollment form if you are in AJI.


MAPS Sign-up  (Must print, sign and return to either the bookstore or your PAACE Rep. PAACE is MAPS rep 19.) 


PAACE Benefits (pdf version of this page)